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eat RIGHT. Be Safe. Save Waste. Eat Cleaner.

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Eat Cleaner is sharing this eat RIGHT campaign in spreading the message of the importance of cleaning your produce right before you enjoy it.

For us, eating cleaner is about enjoying food as close to as nature intended. By focusing on fresh fruit and vegetables, cleaning them right, and getting them last all week, ready to eat, you'll eat more. That's how Eat Cleaner makes a huge difference. It's the 1-2 punch!

1) Remove wax that can trap harmful pesticides, bacteria, and chemicals under the surface (most produce is waxed).
2) Extend shelf life up to 5x longer, naturally. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Ariel's 100 Stains, 100 Million Dreams, Join now and get a chance to win up to P100,000!

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Ariel launched a 100 Stains, 100 Million Dreams campaign for us to join and get the chance to win Prizes. They produce a quality range of laundry powder and detergent for both hand washing and washing machine. 

1.Do Missions - Register here and do fun tasks called missions, like answering a quiz, doing a survey, taking photos, or sharing content.
2.Earn Points - The more missions you do, the more points you earn, and the faster you can win rewards.
3. Get Rewards - Get rewards by redeeming your points. At the end of the campaign, you can also win major prizes like ₱100,000 cash based on your ranking.

Queen and Princess's First Halloween Costume

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Everyone has its own favorite time of the year. Who else is the first one on the list to be so excited about celebrations? KIDS. For birthdays, kids were excited to blow candles and opening gifts. For New Year, there's fireworks display and a noisy sound of hornpipes. But before the year ends, we still have Halloween Party then Christmas comes as the longest observance of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Speaking of Halloween Party, I believe that it was my kids favorite time of celebration. Halloween as known and marking of different traditions such as costume parties and trick-or-treating on October 31. Some people remembering their demise loved ones by cleaning their tombs, light the candles and offering flowers. Going on a vacation during this time may be best for some to escape from their busy lives.

Kids as you may ask, they want this time to dress up, get lots and lots of chocolate and candies. It's great to fulfill their dreams as scary ghosts, witches, vampires, and zombies. Themed costumes like cosplaying, cartoon characters, cute little fairies, Princes and Princesses and some creatives. Kids are really adorable when dressed up, but when my little pumpkins included, it makes my heart melt. I am happy to see them happy.

Last October 28, my kids joined Halloween Party for the first time in school as their activity for the month of November. My Queen is now grade one at her age of five. I'm proud, of course, because she can now read, write and count and able to participate well in school. I always make her attend the school activities for her to enjoy going to school. So for this season, I let her became a Fairy, for once. Actually I have two little fairies. My youngest won't allow it that her sister is the only one wearing wings and holding magic wand. Double trouble. Double expenses..:)

  Queen and Princess

Good thing, my mother-in-law bought them dresses from Dubai when she went there for vacation. It matches the theme as fairy so I don't need to buy one. I just bought one more wings for my Princess as I already borrow one from the neighbor. Flower headbands, shoes, and makeup (to make them more pretty) were already at home, those were also given by my in-laws. I also bought two pumpkin baskets for the treats and sticker diamonds for face decoration as amulet. I know, I saved a little.

Here's some photos at school:

Grade one class at the stage with their cute costumes.

Fall in line while waiting for their turn at the stage.

 Queen and her cousin Margarette as witch

I took them picture with Ylijah after dancing thriller and jaiho, sorry I don't know if that's the title.
As you can see, no more fake amulet at Queen's forehead and wings removed by Princess. Kids will always be kids. They can't stay long being properly dressed, they're uncomfortabe.

Knock! Knock! They're asking for treats now. Princess, though not yet schooling, I prepared her to join trick or treating, since it's for kids, I know she'll enjoy it and to avoid jealousy. Take not: Jealousy is the number one factor why my kids fighting. 
It was jammed and hot going to each room but my kids still not giving up just to have candies. They both got a basket full of candies. They were so happy. They experienced one of the best celebration for kids. I saw their big smile when we got home. 
Lots of candies happily showed to their grandparents. Some moms were generous enough to give not just candies but also zesto juice and cupcakes. Thanks God for all these.
I may not be a good mom, but still I want what's best and what will make my kids super happy.

Like my post? I will be happy to read your thoughts.






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You Could Win $1000! Request a Payment from Payoneer

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As I have said from my previous post, I joined not just to earn money but also to help merchants achieve their goal. The goal is to gain good consumers and earn more than expected then I'll have commissions. To receive payments internationally, I need an easy way and that Payoneer comes into play.

Whether you’re a small business, freelancer or BPO in the Philippines, getting paid by international clients is critical. Payoneer’s fast, secure and low-cost payment platform is made especially for the new generation of fully global Filipino professionals. With Payoneer, say goodbye to hidden fees and save up to 58%!

Sign up here. I signed up for individual use with Prepaid Master Card so that I can withdraw my funds anywhere I am.

My card has been delivered to my doorstep 2 weeks after I signed up. I activated it online by submitting requirements that were asked from their email.
My friend referred me and we both got $25. It automatically appeared to my account after activation. I connected it to ShareASale then I started to receive payments from them every time I achieved the minimum amount of money to cash out.
You have a choice to sign up to Local Bank Withdrawal if you don't need Prepaid Mastercard. Payoneer will transfer your funds to your bank account.

You got paid via Payoneer...Now what to do?
  • Withdraw payments to your local bank account, in local currency.
  • Pay another Payoneer customer – anywhere in the world – for FREE!
  • Withdraw your funds at ATMs worldwide or make purchases online and in-store.

Good news! I got an email. You could win $1000 just send a payment request to one of your clients via Payoneer's Billing Service between 11/16 to 11/30.

The Billing Service offers you everything you need to get paid directly by your international clients.
Save More – With payment fees up to 80% lower than other payment solutions
Get Paid Easily – By requesting payments directly via Payoneer
Track Your Payments – And send reminders to make sure payments are paid on TI

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Send Top Selling Lovepop's Holiday Cards This Holiday Season

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**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.
Let's send a Lovepop Card for the holidays! Sharing with my lovely readers the Lovepop's holiday cards, including these 5 top-selling holiday pop-up cards that are sure to be a delightful and unexpected gift to give and receive this holiday season. There are many additional holiday themed cards available at
Snowman Card Image
Snowman Christmas Card
Opening this unique pop-up card reveals a wondrous winter sight of a three-dimensional snowman and two children applying the finishing touches to their first snowman of the winter season.
Santa Sleigh Card Image
Santa Sleigh Christmas Card
The front of this festive pop up card shows a whimsical depiction of jolly Saint Nick. Once opened the red card reveals a delightful scene, Santa and his sleigh being pulled by magical Reindeer preparing to take flight. Watch the pop-up!
Christmas Tree Card Image
Christmas Tree Card
Expressing the magic of the holiday season, when opened, this card reveals the quintessential Christmas tree adorned with gold ornaments and topped with a lovely gold star. Watch the pop-up!
Gingerbread house
Gingerbread House 3D card
Once opened this incredible Christmas card reveals a wonderfully whimsical scene. A pop-up gingerbread house accessorized with colorful embellishments including candy canes, gumdrops, lollipops, and paper icing. Peek inside the windows for a special surprise. Watch the pop-up!
Holiday Forest Pack
Holiday Forest 12 Pack
It's like a Christmas tree farm that fits on a table! This bundle contains 12 of the popular Christmas tree cards, 4 in each color: White, Red & Green and Gold & White Christmas Tree Pop Up Cards. You can almost smell the pine.

For some people with a sense of value, they won't mind whatever you can give. Some will treasure a card that is full of meaning. So I guess, Lovepop's card is one way of saying your gratitude to your loveones. Buy now and be prepared to get some hug this coming holiday. It's time to be merry and be cheesy.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Going Crazy Over My Top Five Korean Actors and Dramas

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I have been busy, not as a stay at home mom, but a Korean drama addict. Sorry for that. I really am being lazy writing my thoughts and giving you some information about anything and everything. I am so fed up being at home. I am not saying it isn't happy being with my kids but I am just missing earning my own money. I have tried some of the opportunities online like freelancing, but it seems like I am still lacking luck and maybe I am effortless. Good thing, sometimes there are sponsored post opportunities coming and affiliate marketing post. I can still earn extra while waiting for others to come. I took the time to watch Korean dramas when I have nothing to do or if I'm finished doing house chores and when my kids were already asleep. I sleep so late that's why I became incompetent. I cursed myself for being like that, but still I love watching Korean Drama online. (laughing)Grr!

I love my country, the Philippines and still love our own artists, perhaps Koreans are just really something that you will be hooked up with them. They are really charming. I have my list of Korean actors, their drama and whoever their leading ladies is fine with me.

My Top Five Korean Actors
1. Kang Ji Hwan - I started to like him from "Lie to Me" and now I am watching online some of his pieces. His latest drama is "Monster" and his leading lady Sung Yu Ri with 50 episodes and I did tune into that every day since the day it was posted on online sites like and He wants to take back what is rightfully his and enact vengeance on those responsible for ruining his life. He's still hot despite the age.
Kang Ji Hwan

credits to the owner

2. Kim Woo Bin - with Bae Suzy being the lead actor of "Uncontrollably Fond" makes him really drop-dead gorgeous. The story was kind of tragic and it tears me up a lot. His acting on stage, singing with his killer smile, girls go crazy! I am one of them.
Kim Woo Bin

Uncontrollably Fond
credits to the owner

3. Song Joong Ki - with Song Hye Kyo, their series "Descendants of the Sun" was a major hit and became popular across Asia. He is an easy-going, lively character who is confident and at times witty and likes to joke around, depending on the situation. For me, he is very well built, you can't resist his charm.
Song Joong Ki

Descendants of the Sun
credits to the owner

4. Park Bo Gum - also starring  Kim Yoo Jung on "Love in the Moonlight" drama. I won't go on details, but the story is about a Prince and the servant. Okay, watch and see for it. Park also has a killer smile, absolutely great baby that I became his fan already. He acts so effectively, too. 
Park Bo Gum

Love in the Moonlight
credits to the owner

5. So Ji Sub - A man who turns sexier as he ages. He starred in "Oh My Venus" with Shi Min Ah, they look good together, cool and yet bringing on more laughs. He shines in any role. He's definitely one of my favorite actor.
 So Ji Sub

Oh My Venus
credits to the owner

With all the dramas I've watched, those were my highly recommended. I still have the list from previous years. Maybe I will share it with you next time, Don't get me wrong, I am still taking care of my kids, doing things I need to do and I am currently searching for a job. Really? Well, yes. I need to get a job now that my kids are starting school. More expenses are coming. I was just enjoying my life now while I'm at home, going crazy with my favorite actors because soon I will be busy and be back to the reality of life - earning money to make a living.

What do you think? Share your list, too. I will watch your recommendations.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Introducing Crazy8 plus Kidz Bop collection😄

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**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.
 I was compensated for this post.**

Did you know about Kidz Bop?
Kidz Bop is a brand of compilation albums featuring children performing contemporary popular songs. The series was developed by Razor & Tie co-founders Cliff Chenfeld and Craig Balsam in 2001. The albums are composed of popular songs that chart high on the Billboard Hot 100 and/or receive heavy airplay from contemporary hit radio stations several months ahead of each album's release. The songs are performed by the KIDZ BOP Kids, often with lyrics deemed too explicit or suggestive for younger audiences altered to be more family-friendly.
credit to the owner

Music video of the KIDZ BOP Kids performing “My House" from KIDZ BOP 32!

Good news! Crazy8 is in a new partnership with Kidz Bop and their newly released fashion collection, which is available for a limited time at select Crazy8 stores and

The looks were designed by Crazy 8, inspired by the unique style personalities of each of the KIDZ BOP Kids — Matt, Grant, Sela, and Ashlynn. Crazy 8 offers on-trend, age-appropriate looks that kids love to wear at prices that parents feel great about. Every day, millions of kids and families welcome KIDZ BOP music into their homes and cars, making KIDZ BOP a fun and safe part of their daily lives!

I would like to share with you guys some of the collections for boys and girls from Crazy8.
Here are my picks:

Get Your Sparkle On - Get Your Sparkle On Tee, Skinny Jean, Cable Scarf, Cable Gloves, Sparkle High-Top Sneakers
As I have mentioned from my previous post here, my daughter loves sparkly thingy. If I am about to buy stuff from Crazy8, I wish to have this for my kids. Sparkling is obviously will catch attention and is very cool. 

So Electric - Metallic Bomber, Jacket Headphones Tee, Cargo Joggers, High-Top Sneakers

Silver is said to be provided a classic look and pairs well with other colors. It shines bright with its metallic finish. Boys who love this combination - metallic silver and black, wants a total guarantee to get noticed. 

You have other choices. Great kids’ fashion. Crazy low prices!
The newest addition to The Gymboree Corporation’s family of brands, Crazy 8 offers fashionable outfits at a great value for girls and boys sizes Newborn to 14. The first Crazy 8 store opened in August 2007, and The Gymboree Corporation currently operates more than 300 Crazy 8 stores in the U.S. There is also an online store at
Check out the Crazy8 Kidz Bop Fashion Collection
Free Shipping with Code C8FREE at Crazy8 (available only on 11/3)

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