Monday, November 14, 2016

Going Crazy Over My Top Five Korean Actors and Dramas

I have been busy, not as a stay at home mom, but a Korean drama addict. Sorry for that. I really am being lazy writing my thoughts and giving you some information about anything and everything. I am so fed up being at home. I am not saying it isn't happy being with my kids but I am just missing earning my own money. I have tried some of the opportunities online like freelancing, but it seems like I am still lacking luck and maybe I am effortless. Good thing, sometimes there are sponsored post opportunities coming and affiliate marketing post. I can still earn extra while waiting for others to come. I took the time to watch Korean dramas when I have nothing to do or if I'm finished doing house chores and when my kids were already asleep. I sleep so late that's why I became incompetent. I cursed myself for being like that, but still I love watching Korean Drama online. (laughing)Grr!

I love my country, the Philippines and still love our own artists, perhaps Koreans are just really something that you will be hooked up with them. They are really charming. I have my list of Korean actors, their drama and whoever their leading ladies is fine with me.

My Top Five Korean Actors
1. Kang Ji Hwan - I started to like him from "Lie to Me" and now I am watching online some of his pieces. His latest drama is "Monster" and his leading lady Sung Yu Ri with 50 episodes and I did tune into that every day since the day it was posted on online sites like and He wants to take back what is rightfully his and enact vengeance on those responsible for ruining his life. He's still hot despite the age.
Kang Ji Hwan

credits to the owner

2. Kim Woo Bin - with Bae Suzy being the lead actor of "Uncontrollably Fond" makes him really drop-dead gorgeous. The story was kind of tragic and it tears me up a lot. His acting on stage, singing with his killer smile, girls go crazy! I am one of them.
Kim Woo Bin

Uncontrollably Fond
credits to the owner

3. Song Joong Ki - with Song Hye Kyo, their series "Descendants of the Sun" was a major hit and became popular across Asia. He is an easy-going, lively character who is confident and at times witty and likes to joke around, depending on the situation. For me, he is very well built, you can't resist his charm.
Song Joong Ki

Descendants of the Sun
credits to the owner

4. Park Bo Gum - also starring  Kim Yoo Jung on "Love in the Moonlight" drama. I won't go on details, but the story is about a Prince and the servant. Okay, watch and see for it. Park also has a killer smile, absolutely great baby that I became his fan already. He acts so effectively, too. 
Park Bo Gum

Love in the Moonlight
credits to the owner

5. So Ji Sub - A man who turns sexier as he ages. He starred in "Oh My Venus" with Shi Min Ah, they look good together, cool and yet bringing on more laughs. He shines in any role. He's definitely one of my favorite actor.
 So Ji Sub

Oh My Venus
credits to the owner

With all the dramas I've watched, those were my highly recommended. I still have the list from previous years. Maybe I will share it with you next time, Don't get me wrong, I am still taking care of my kids, doing things I need to do and I am currently searching for a job. Really? Well, yes. I need to get a job now that my kids are starting school. More expenses are coming. I was just enjoying my life now while I'm at home, going crazy with my favorite actors because soon I will be busy and be back to the reality of life - earning money to make a living.

What do you think? Share your list, too. I will watch your recommendations.

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