Thursday, November 24, 2016

You Could Win $1000! Request a Payment from Payoneer

As I have said from my previous post, I joined not just to earn money but also to help merchants achieve their goal. The goal is to gain good consumers and earn more than expected then I'll have commissions. To receive payments internationally, I need an easy way and that Payoneer comes into play.

Whether you’re a small business, freelancer or BPO in the Philippines, getting paid by international clients is critical. Payoneer’s fast, secure and low-cost payment platform is made especially for the new generation of fully global Filipino professionals. With Payoneer, say goodbye to hidden fees and save up to 58%!

Sign up here. I signed up for individual use with Prepaid Master Card so that I can withdraw my funds anywhere I am.

My card has been delivered to my doorstep 2 weeks after I signed up. I activated it online by submitting requirements that were asked from their email.
My friend referred me and we both got $25. It automatically appeared to my account after activation. I connected it to ShareASale then I started to receive payments from them every time I achieved the minimum amount of money to cash out.
You have a choice to sign up to Local Bank Withdrawal if you don't need Prepaid Mastercard. Payoneer will transfer your funds to your bank account.

You got paid via Payoneer...Now what to do?
  • Withdraw payments to your local bank account, in local currency.
  • Pay another Payoneer customer – anywhere in the world – for FREE!
  • Withdraw your funds at ATMs worldwide or make purchases online and in-store.

Good news! I got an email. You could win $1000 just send a payment request to one of your clients via Payoneer's Billing Service between 11/16 to 11/30.

The Billing Service offers you everything you need to get paid directly by your international clients.
Save More – With payment fees up to 80% lower than other payment solutions
Get Paid Easily – By requesting payments directly via Payoneer
Track Your Payments – And send reminders to make sure payments are paid on TI

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