Sunday, December 4, 2016

When you are a Mom you'll become....

A manicurist. Being a manicurist at times is our bonding moment. We rarely did cleaning our nails, when I am in the mood. We usually make this moment when there's an occasion coming. Since December is a busy month for everybody, attending parties, reunion or school activities such as family day and Christmas party, we should be ready and prepared to not feel out of place because all are dressed up, hair dyed, paired with a new color of lipstick and makeup and even wearing branded perfumes. Days are passing by and the next day, it's time to party already.

Like others, mom like me wants some twin thingy (at least at a young age, kids won't mind). So I put them nail polish just like mine. Sparkling is what they preferred. I also love it. That's why I bought one yellow or kind of gold shimmering color. I always love the brand of Caronia, but since I only bought in the market, I got a no name brand. Lol! Take note, I made sure to disinfect the tools that I am going to use as I have read about it and to avoid getting infections since kids certainly get sick. This kind of moment makes my heart flutter. When I see them smiling and excited for the smallest things like these, I am absolutely guilty for those times that I am bad. Some called this " a kiss and makeup". Because I am their number one enemy! 

When it comes to stubbornness, messiness and laziness of these kids, I get easily mad and became a monster. They insist what they want and I don't like it as well as they shouldn't be. They scattered the toys, throw trash anywhere and spill water or any drinks. They won't keep the toys back in their proper places. My kids really make my head aching any time, anywhere but I keep on moving because I love them deeply.

I am willing and always will be their manicurist until I grow old. Hoping that when I'm no longer cleaning their nails, they already know how to do it on their own and will do it on me.

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