Friday, January 13, 2017

OPPO F1s: Capturing Philippines

I want to travel all over the world. I want to go to beautiful places together with my family. For now, I will work on to achieve this goal. Since I am not yet able to do it due to the financial crisis. I am only a stay at home mom without income. I am currently searching for home based jobs to earn and live a comfortable life. If I can't make it travel around the world, I hope at least I can explore here in the Philippines where there are amazing spots to see and a must visit once in a lifetime.

So far, Potipot Island in Zambales was one far place I have visited, that was during my stay as an accounting assistant in my first work. Two days and one night stay at Dawal Beach Resort, a treat for all employees. Sorry, I don't know the group package when we checked in.

We went to the Potipot Island first thing in the morning so that it wasn't that hot and we will eat our lunch there. It is a small island in Candelaria Zambales and a 15 minutes boat ride. They called it a little Boracay of the North because of the white sands.
Riding the boat made me so nervous but the moment we arrived at the island, it was breathtakingly beautiful. 
The waves and the onshore breeze blowing from the sea toward land was a wonderful experience since it was not an everyday chance.
The trees in the island served as the shelter to rest after swimming and to keep away from the heat of the sun. You must have slippers or a beach ready shoes to avoid getting hurt from the sands and rocks while scrolling around the Island.

The water was crystal clear. It was a nice swimming moment on the beach when the sun isn't yet burning your skin. We scroll the Island while taking pictures of a beautiful spot. That time, I didn't have a digital camera for clear shots. I used mp3 player, that's why my photos was a bit blurred.

If you want to go to the beach, Potipot Island is a good choice. It is not that expensive. When there's a chance, I will come back and hope that  1 OPPO F1s  is with me. It will help step-up my Philippine adventures because it has 16MP front camera, uses a front beauty camera with a 1/3 inch sensor and a F/2.0 aperture so I can take natural looking selfies even in low light conditions. It has also 13MP rear camera for wonderful night shots. The large pixels also work to bump up the dynamic range and give pictures a vivid depth and detail for capturing exceptional clear and detailed photos.

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