Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bento Baon

My Queen is now Grade 2 at her age of 6. We decided to transfer her to a new school and stay in my parent's house for the mean time while we are saving for building our own house. Anyway, I am also starting to do a bento baon (snack and lunch) as what's in today.
She started school last Tuesday, June 13, since Monday is a holiday, Independence Day. Here are my bento baon for my Queen:

For the snack, she asked for two topps sarap choco cupcake, she likes chocolates, obviously. One buttercream crackers and rice cakes (suman in Filipino), both have sprinkled sugar on top, that's one thing she likes her food. 

For lunch, rice that I put some Maggi Savor classic on top for added taste, fried sunny side up egg and pork skinless that taste like tocino.;)

She finished all these. Usually, I prepare her food that she requests so that I know she will eat it all. It makes me happy when she appreciates what I prepared for her. I know all moms do. 

June 14, bento baon #2, I forgot to capture the packed lunch but I prepared a CDO sweet ham plus Star Jumbo cheesedog. Easy to prepare the meal and my kids want. Snack was also topps and buttercream crackers. She asked her aunties for cash and they gave her P20 and P50. She told me, she bought C2 for her drink aside from water that I always have her ready whenever she's thirsty.

I also want to share today's bento baon #3. Here it is:

My sister brought us Jollibee burger last night after her date, so I put one for her snack. My Queen likes burger, she will surely finish it. She has choices of Voice strawberry flavor, buttercream crackers, and topps cupcake if ever she gets hungry after class. Her lunch would be rice and crispy fried chicken. I used Crispy Fry to make the chicken crispy. That's what she preferred to eat. 
I am always excited to see her baon empty. 

We all moms want to prepare a healthy meal, but because kids are a picky eater, it is always a challenge to make them eat vegetables and fruits. My Queen only eats an apple, pears, orange, and grapes if only they're sweets. Banana usually has on our table so it's the most fruit she can have. I told her if we already have our own house, I will only cook vegetables. She said, no, no. 😄😂

To add nutrients to her body, I make sure to give her a glass of milk every day usually morning for breakfast so she's full and energetic in class. 

Until next time, I hope I can share something more interesting baon for every moms, and kid out there. Hopefully, I have a cute food picks to post here to make the food looks good and fun for the kids. I'll look for it.

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