Monday, July 24, 2017

Blend Your Natural Hair with Half Wigs at Black Hairspray

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

As a stay at home mom, I don't have time to do any hairstyle. I just look plain and simple. Sometimes I am a mess, I can't even have a comb to fix my hair. It's always a messy bun. No more hairbrush. I'd rather tie it or let it just like that. I look like I just woke up from the bed. You know, moms don't care how they look when there's no one around but her kids. Since my husband been away years ago to work overseas, I don't need to dress up every day - wearing makeup, rebonded hair and sexy clothes.

Speaking of hair rebonding, yes, I do it annually because I really hate my natural hair. I got curly, frizzy, dry and thick hair. Split ends are noticeable. I really have to at least pamper myself by doing a straightening of my hair once in a year. No one wants to look horrible in the sight of your kids especially your significant one. I don't wanna be judged by other people, too. So might as well love myself and do the right thing.

When I started to learn the world of beauty, I have discovered things that can actually help me lessen the burden of hair rebonding - long hours of waiting, the heat of the iron is painful and chemicals are disgusting. So now, even if I'm at home I can look my best and be a style icon for others by using half wigs

Comfortable and reliable, the half wig covers half of the wearer's hair which allows you to blend your natural hair at the front giving you a natural, beautiful look. Whether you will go for a night out, just a date with husband, family or friends or any special occasions, no worries, Black Hairspray has got you covered. They offer thousands of half wigs and hair care products at a reasonable price, no hassle, 30-day return policy, price matching guarantee and offer in-house live chat customer service. Clients range from professional stylists, beauticians, working mothers, students, etc.

Be sure to check out Black Hairspray for your hair needs. They have a wide variety of products to choose from. Half wigs even have straight, curly or in a ponytail. Select from color options such as black to mix colors. Change your hairstyles in seconds, minutes or any time of the day. Cool right?

Stay at home mom like me can now post a selfie in different hairstyles in just a minute.☺☺Half wig is ❤.


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