puls iphone x giveaway
What would you do if someone accidentally broke your phone? Now is your chance to play a fun prank on someone you know and win an iPhone X! 

In case you missed it, Apple recently released its most highly anticipated new device. The iPhone X rocks an edge-to-edge display, wireless charging, FaceID recognition, and much more. 
We are giving away an iPhone X to 2 lucky winners! Winners will also select between the black or silver iPhone X.   To enter- you can share the news, book a service, or prank a friend. Check out how you can enter today:

1. Share the news – Worth 1 entry

Simply share the news of our iPhone X giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
Make sure you hashtag #PulsiPhoneX and tag Puls in your post for it to be counted!

2. Book a service – Worth 10 entries

All paid repair and installation services from October 20 – November 17, 2017 will receive 10 ENTRIES into our iPhone X giveaway contest. You must schedule and pay for any Puls service between October 20-November 17, 2017 to be counted.

3. Prank a friend – Worth 10 entries

1. Show us your creative talents! Take a video of you pranking your friend/family member/kids with a smartphone! Maybe you accidentally “cracked” their screen, or you lost their phone (but don’t actually do so, of course!) 😉
Check out these examples of some great phone pranks on Youtube here and here.
2. Upload the video to either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 
3. Use the hashtag #PulsiPhoneX in your post to be entered
4. If the winner is chosen and submitted a video, the person they pranked will also receive a TBD prize from Puls!

The iPhone X giveaway is open until Friday, November 17, 2017.

Winners will be contacted via email/DM by Monday, November 20, 2017. 

Terms and Conditions 

Valid for US residents only.  Limited to only 1 prize per person.
Giveaway is open until November 17, 2017. Winners will be chosen and contacted by November 20, 2017.
Puls technicians and employees are not eligible to win.
Content rights: By submitting a video entry you are confirming that you own the content and you are authorized to publish it, and you agree that Puls Technologies, Inc. may use, edit, and distribute the content at its sole discretion without limitation.
Be safe: we all like a bit of fun, but do not do anything that could endanger or offend either you or another person involved in the video, or a member of the Puls community. Puls Techologies, Inc. does not endorse and takes no responsibility for the content nor for any injury or liability incurred in making or submitting video content for this promotion.
To be eligible you must: 
  1. Be a US resident
  2. Like our FacebookTwitter, OR Instagram page and tag #PulsiPhoneX
  3. Use hashtag #PulsiPhoneX in all social posts related to the iPhone X giveaway OR order a phone repair or smart home installation service from October 20-November 17, 2017.