Saturday, October 21, 2017

Tips for Getting Pregnant Fast

Are you trying to get pregnant for the first time? Have you been trying to have a baby for a very long time without being successful? If you're in either of these situations, you probably will want to get pregnant as fast as possible. The tips to getting pregnant as fast as possible are not just about having sex at the right time, but also by creating the perfect environment. It will ensure that you conceive a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby. Below are some of tips that can help you get pregnant fast.
  1. Have sex regularly
Having regular sex is an amazing way to get pregnant fast. Most couples prefer to have sex when the woman is ovulating, and they neglect sex when the woman is not ovulating. The truth is that having sex when a woman is not ovulating will not result in pregnancy. However, because the ovulating period of most women does not always come when they planned, having regular sex will help a woman cover her losses so that she wouldn’t miss the opportunity to get pregnant.
  1. Have sex before ovulation and not after.
Most couples are confused on whether before or after ovulation is the best time to have sex. A woman has a limited period to get pregnant each month. The egg survives for at least 24 hours after ovulation. On the other hand, the sperm can survive for at least three days. It is the reason why having sex before the ovulation period of a woman will help in getting pregnant faster. You shouldn’t wait until after ovulation to have sex. The sperm last longer than the egg, and you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to get pregnant faster.
  1. See your doctor regularly
Ensure that you’re always in good health and have a regular check-up with your medical provider. Sexually transmitted infections, untreated diseases, and poor health can affect a woman’s chances of getting pregnant fast. It is important to see a doctor as well as taking prenatal vitamins when trying to get pregnant fast.

  1. Avoid smoking, drinking, or abuse drugs.
It may seem like common sense, but many women do smoke, drink, and use drugs in the process of trying to get pregnant. Abuse of drugs, alcohol, and smoking can affect a woman’s fertility and also the unborn child. That’s why it is very important to stop the abuse of drugs, drinking of alcohol, and smoking when trying to get pregnant and not until you get pregnant.
  1. Have enjoyable sex.
At times, you find out that most couples make sex a job or function of reproduction when trying to get pregnant fast, which is not enjoyable. You should plan something different or a romantic evening to spice things up. Your sexual feeling can be a factor to improve your chances of getting pregnant fast. Some researchers have this belief that having an orgasm during sex will help a woman in getting pregnant fast. For women, the shudder movement of the orgasm will help in pulling the sperm into the uterus, and it also increases the sperm count of a man.
  1. Have sex in a missionary style
Having sex in a missionary style is a good position to have sex when trying to get pregnant fast. A woman should avoid the position where she will be on top because it allows the sperm to leak out. Placing a pillow under your hips will help keep the sperm in longer and tilt the pelvis. Also, don’t stand up immediately after sex, you should relax and allow the sperm stay longer in the vagina.
  1. Exercise with your partner
Being fit is an awesome way to get pregnant fast. If you are an individual that doesn’t exercise regularly, you should start by building more movement into your daily routine. For instance, you can try taking your dog for a walk or using the stairs instead of the lift. You can also enjoy jogging together or going to a dance class.
  1. Eat healthily
Eating healthy is another way to get pregnant fast because food and fertility are linked together. If you and your partner can stick to a balanced and healthy diet, your chances of getting pregnant fast will be boosted. You should ensure that you and your partner are on a diet that will allow them get pregnant fast.
  1. You should rest a lot
Trying to get pregnant can be very stressful. However, too much stress can make it difficult for couples to get pregnant fast, so take it easy when trying to conceive. Couples should give each other a soothing massage, enjoy a night out, try some deep breathing exercise, and do whatever makes you feel relaxed and calm.There are reports by other couples that their conception moon is the key to getting pregnant fast. So, taking a vacation or a long-weekend getaway is what you and your partner need to relieve stress.
  1. Keep the testicles cool
The sperm produced by the testicles reduce a lot when it gets hot. Placing a laptop on the laps, working in hot environments, and sitting for a long period can affect the sperm produced by the testicles. Also, there are unconfirmed reports that tight underwear contributes to fertility issues. So, if you want to get pregnant fast, you should ensure that your partner put his laptop on the table and wear loose fitting underwear.
  1. Don't discount ancient techniques
Most people assume that the only effective method to get pregnant fast is by using state-of-the-art methods. However, this is far from the truth. Various ancient techniques have produced some of the best results for individuals who want to become pregnant fast. Although, these ancient techniques lack modern scientific knowledge. But these ancient methods are effective.
When trying to get pregnant fast, you shouldn’t feel the need to tell the world. It can make couples feel pressured and stressed. That’s why it’s advisable for you to be discrete and withhold certain information about yourselves.

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