Thursday, January 25, 2018

How to cook Mac and Cheese?

This is my first time. I tried cooking the simplest dish I know. I love pasta. Cheese also makes my day. I will definitely be making this recipe again in my own kitchen.

Mac and Cheese

But actually, it's a bow pasta from Italy, which was available in the kitchen. My sister-in-law went home last August and she gave us some pasta as a present. I didn't eat rice for dinner so I am hungry. I came up with the idea of cooking pasta since there's Chiz wheez left last New Year. Wow! I made it. It's so simple and quick.
This is my version of #macandcheese:

 2 cups Bow pasta
Chiz wheez pimiento 
Cassava flour or any flour
Danes cheese ball
Alaska condense milk 

How to cook?
1. Boil the pasta. Put some salt and let it cook. 
2. Before the water runs out, stir to avoid sticking on the pan and put the flour melted in water. Let the mixture thickens.
3. Turn off the gas and remove the pasta from the pan to a bowl.
4. Add the Chiz wheez, condense and a little bit of pepper.
5. Stir well. Taste it according to your liking.
6. Put grated cheese like Danes cheese ball on top. Serve hot or cold. Enjoy!;)

I love the combination of cheese and condense. I can say that it's perfect for my taste! Try it guys.

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