Monday, January 22, 2018

Secrets To A Long-Lasting Relationship

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I wanted to share with you my love story. It's not as beautiful as the others.
I have been married for 6 years already and I can say that it's not an easy journey. At the beginning of our relationship, it's a smooth sailing. We did a lot of things that we love to do. We enjoyed every second, every minute of the day. Though, it's pretty natural that sometimes there's a petty quarrel that we solve by talking about it and making decisions together. Most of us want someone to settle with that we can say "the right one" and that relationship will last and no one wants to end in divorce or separation. 

When I first met my husband, I didn't feel anything towards him. He has a sense of humor that I think girls find him attractive and appealing. I was working then in our school, my Alma Matter, after I graduated vocational course, they absorbed me as their accounting assistant and he was still a student that time but he's 3 years older than me. I asked a student friend to help me find someone to fix my cell phone because it was always hanging. That friend brought it to him and asked to fix it. We introduced to each other and got each number and then all started to a new story. Texting, calling and then we dated. After two years, we decided to get married and the rest is history. We now have two beautiful daughters.

 Here are the few things to remember about secrets to a long-lasting relationship. These are the keys that I have learned from our relationship.

1. Compromise - We both agree with things that can make our life easier. Let's say if I like something as a rule in this relationship, we talked about it and settle things. They say it is "a little give and a little take. Since we don't yet have our own house, he asked me to stay in my in-laws for a while and soon we'll save and build our own. That's not a problem as long as we're safe and comfortable, we'll survive.
2. Always Communicate - We talk about anything and everything under the sun. It's when you'll figure out that you both open your heart's desire, hatred, and understanding. It will cause you a peaceful relationship. My husband is an OFW. We make sure to talk every day unless there's no connection and he's busy. I always tell him the problems that I encounter, about the kids, what we eat, where are we going and what we are doing. 

3. Don't fight over simple issues - there are times that a simple thing makes us offended. Do you start a fight who will cook or who will clean the house? Are you going to discuss how the money spent? It became a bigger issue if you both not talk about it. In my case, my husband got easily mad when I'm not talking and just staring at him while he's on the screen. He wants me to tell anything to just talk. He'll talk harsh and I also get mad. I'll just turn off the app to keep away from getting things worst. Not all the time I'm in the mood, sorry for that. The next day we'll make things right. Say sorry and say I love you.:)

4. Tell Your Needs - Each couple has their own needs. They accept that both have likes and dislikes. Tell it to your partner, they'll make room for those needs to be happening. If you're already married and you want live on your own not counting on your parents or in-laws, don't be shy. Go for it. If that will make you satisfy. I'm sure you both want it.

5. Value trust and honesty - If you make a promise if you're sure that he's the one, don't flirt around. Be contented and always tell what you feel. Be true to your partner, stay focused and stand up for what you believe in. We all make mistakes, and we all need second chances, but if you no longer feel the trust and honesty, don't keep it to yourself. After all, how can you commit to spending a lifetime with someone who you don't trust?

Above all else, no couples will last if they don't love each other. If you truly love a person, you wouldn't lie, cheat or deceive them. Make them your priority. Stay happy!

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