Sunday, January 21, 2018

What I'm posting on Instagram and other social media?

I've been posting my bento baon (lunchbox, snack box) on my Instagram account. Follow me and see all my stories.
I am a mom trying to keep my kids eat a balanced meal every day. I want them to feel loved by preparing #bentobaon as much as possible every day. I used hashtags like #BaonNiQueen, #BaonNiPrincess, #BaonSerye, #BaonIdeas, #BaonSeries, #Baonfortoday and #schoolbaonforkids. 

If not, I am posting some food, photos of me and my kids - the moments with my kids that is worth sharing.  I also love to share quotes and sayings. 
My photo feeds are usually the meals and snacks that I prepared for my kids and are not that expensive usually eaten by simple people. There were days that we are fortunate to have pasalubong (present) from the people around us. I am posting it not to brag but just loving the feeling to experience those things. 

As I have told before in my previous posts, I love joining contest, giveaways online. I still do join. On my first and second year of joining, I've won two to three times a month from facebook pages and blogs as a way of thanking people who followed them and for gaining more followers. It's a marketing strategy, for sure. Some remain active and growing, some don't. As they continue grows, a lot of people also started to know that joining contest is real and they can get amazing prizes they possibly can't imagine. My chance of getting the prize seems low. It's a matter of luck. I keep trying because it makes me happy receiving free items even if it's just a small item and a sample.

On my feeds also have the entries for joining the contest. I re-gramed, retweeted and shared the photos or videos where you see the mechanics. My prizes have been shared on my Instagram, too and other social media. You may follow me at:

Inspirational and interesting finds will also be on my social media. Things that make your life easier. Things that inspire you to do things right. Live your life to the fullest. Make every second's count. 
Learn from every mistake that we encounter. 
I don't have any regrets sharing things on my social media, it makes me believe that somehow I can inspire someone I don't even know. 

You may leave a comment of the account that you want me to follow in exchange for following me. If you want to work with me, I accept product reviews, sponsored posts, article writing, IG post, tweeting, and pinning. It's negotiable. 
 Let's work together. Contact me at mitchlalic @ gmail dot com.

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