Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Let Your Kids Be Creative This Spring Days, Follow Your Art by Gymboree

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What do your kids want to create this spring?

Spring is the time when plants begin to grow and flower. A better time for us especially the kids to explore and enjoy nature because of beautiful and colorful surroundings. It's good to know that Gymboree is inspired by all the ways kids get creative,  from putting their one-of-a-kind spin on an outfit to telling a funny story to paint their own masterpiece.

People say that children reflect who you are and what kind of parent you've been. This reminds us to look back at ourselves, at our ways of raising children. Our children have their own life, interests, choices, and understandings. As a parent, what we must do to raise a successful and down to earth children is to support them in all their endeavors. Children are not equally intelligent same as not equally creative.  That skill of children actually parents can help to develop.

Let them share what's on their mind this spring days by creating something through arts. May it be literature such as poetry and drama. Visual arts like crafting, drawing or painting. This way we can help our children grow and develop his mental, social and emotional status. Being creative also boost the ability to analyze and problem-solving.

It's the perfect time to choose from #FollowYourArt stylish designs for your kids. There is so much new to see at Gymboree which kids might want to wear while they play and stand out with the crowd during spring days. Here are some of the children's clothing from shoes to tees that will last and have your child looking their best as always:

Let them create their own style and have bright days ahead with these spring-ready styles and color.

Though we do not have spring days here in the Philippines, summer is coming and what my kids would usually do is coloring, drawing and playing with their toys. I would like them to try painting and see what they can do. Comfortable clothes like those will make their days fun and exciting. 

My husband and I, focusing on our children's bright future and happiness. That's what inspires us the most in doing our best in this life. Life is really about making things better for the people that we care about - our children.

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