Friday, February 16, 2018

Top 5 Reasons to Cover Your Car All Year-Round

When thinking of protective covers, people often think of winterWhen it comes to maintaining a showroom-quality finish for your car, however, it’s not just rain and snow you should be concerned with. Each of the seasons brings its own unique challenges, from pollen to punishing UV rays. Whether you garage your automobile or park it outdoors, make sure you’re properly covered at all times.

Weather Woes and Beyond

The elements can make life difficult for anyone who strives to keep their vehicle in pristine condition, particularly when it comes to aesthetic qualities. Consider these reasons for covering up, regardless of the season:

1. Spring is in the air. Pollen is often abundant during springtime and many types are quite sticky, making removal a choreCustom fit car covers make an ideal solution, as they conform snugly to your vehicle to keep dusty debris out.
2. Summertime blues. Ultraviolet light from the sun can be brutal, both on your car’s interior and exterior components. It can fade your dashboard and upholstery while blistering your precious paint job if you’re not properly covered.
3. School’s out. Summer means more children are out at play, which means more chances for balls, bikes and other playthings to accidentally ding and dent. A good, durable outdoor cover affords you extra protection against these minor mishaps.
4. Precipitation problems. Heavy winter rains aren’t always hazardous on their own, although residual moisture threatens corrosion where body nicks or scratches exist—ditto for chrome components.
5. Salt assault. If you live in a snowy area, beware of salt from the road, a common cause of auto rusting. Weatherproof car covers are particularly popular during the colder months for this reason, especially with those who park regularly outdoors.

A Solution For All Seasons

Custom fit car covers are ideal for anyone concerned with maintaining their vehicle’s appearance. Find the perfect product for your car, truck or SUV at California Car Cover Co. and rest easy knowing you’re making the smart choice to protect your investment.

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  1. Which means chances for chunks, bicycles and other playthings to dent and inadvertently ding. A good, durable cover gives you additional protection against such mishaps.

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