Saturday, March 17, 2018

Minted Limited Edition Art from Independent Artists

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Artist has an imaginative mind or has a technical skill. They affect other people's emotions by creating something visual or performing artifacts (artworks). They express their feelings through it. Art makes everyone creative. It shows how we struggle, sadness, happiness, love, hatred, beauty, questions and every aspect of life. To become aware of our world and that can be expressed artistically.

Let's celebrate Appreciation wherein Minted connects us to the best Independent artists to bring you endlessly fresh, truly unique art, stationery, and home decor you won't find anywhere else. How's that? If you are loving some arts no one knows yet, you want to own it and add to your collections, don't hesitate to visit Minted limited Edition Art from Independent Artists.

Minted Art launched in May 2012 with a carefully curated selection of limited-edition art prints created by a global community of artists. Since then, Minted art has grown significantly. Minted now offers fine art, limited edition art, children's art, and more! What is your favorite piece of Minted art? Is it creating a gallery wall or custom art gifts? The options are endless and there is so much Minted art to love.
Here are some of the artworks that I love from Minted Art: 

In this painting, the author Sarah McInroe said, "I capture a girl lingering in quiet and hopeful contemplation. Soft washes of color in the background and thick layers of paint in her dress make up a dreamy composition caught somewhere between realism and abstraction."
For me, it shows different emotions. Give this frame to your friends who love being a woman, to hang on their wall. 

Above The Sea
Molly Goodman said, "Despite the clouds, the crowds were out and the buildings and ocean were showing off their brightest hues. Cinque Terre is one of the most picturesque and magical places in the world. Does this picture convince you?"
Yes, it's so magical. I will hang it on the wall and always imagine living in this beautiful place. Definitely, a dream place to retire. Grab yours or give it to someone you knew who loves the sea.

Minted showcases these designs and acknowledge every artist and the inspiration/story behind their art. Their stories behind those arts will touch your heart. It can help you decide which one to bring home and always be inspired while looking at the artwork.

You can filter the site to choose a style like the abstract to a beach, even the shape of the frame, the type such as drawing to painting and color. The art pieces are truly one of a kind.
Having such beautiful pieces of art can make our home improvement. Nothing is better than going home to family, having good food, relaxing and amazing view of wall decorations you can get at Minted. They offer a lot of fresh and great designs.
Hurry now and enjoy browsing. Take a look at some of the unique designs:

Whether you want to give one to your family or friends, Minted has got you covered. You can ask for advice which one will be best that will suit your style. You will definitely enjoy browsing the site.

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