Saturday, May 26, 2018

5 Reasons To Love Freshbooks As Your Invoice Software

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I am a stay at home mom for five years already and a hands-on mom to my two little pumpkins. I don't have my own money for the past three years after resigning from my previous work as an accounting staff. But since I gave birth to my first child I started this blog 2011, writing anything I can share about my child and my family. Aside from that, I joined a lot of giveaways, contests, and freebies. I still join nowadays, but not winning a lot of time unlike before. 

I can't stay penniless for a long time, I need to earn and help my husband to save for our kids. They are our priority. So I learned about making money online. I searched a lot on how to make money online. I read blogs about monetizing this blog. I found some and I did earn some bucks to continue this blog and some extra to provide our needs. Not every day or every month I get offers like a sponsored post, paid collaboration, reviews or blog bonus post. Don't just wait but instead search, join or sign up for those forms that some of the bloggers in a group posting for others to see. 

I joined affiliate marketing, facebook group of bloggers, blogger network and a lot more...
There's so much to join. 

You can be a virtual assistant,  a freelancer, a content writer, a seller online etc. There are tons of websites out there that can help you find freelance jobs, fast!

To be able to get paid, you also need to sign up to a site where you can send and receive money. There's plenty of sites to transfer money online.
But for now, let me share with you a software or a business tool to save you time to help manage your business or services you offered. 

Invoice Software That Saves You Time.
FreshBooks makes small business invoicing and billing so simple, you’ll be amazed at the time you have to focus on doing what you love and how much faster you get paid.

Create Professional Looking Invoices in Seconds
You’re the real deal, be sure you look it. FreshBooks makes creating professional-looking invoices for your business ridiculously easy. It’s simple to create and customize your invoice, add your logo and personalize your thank you email. Your clients will be wowed.

Save Time and Accept Credit Cards On Your Invoices
No more chasing clients for checks or waiting in the line at the bank. Let your clients pay you online and get paid up to 11 days faster.
Put Your Business on Auto‑Pilot
From sending reminders to securely charging your client’s credit card, you can automate as much (or as little) of your business with FreshBooks. Let FreshBooks follow-up with clients so you can focus your time on what matters most.

Get Paid Upfront with Deposits
No more paying expenses out of pocket or waiting until the end of a project to get paid. Request a deposit on your invoice and you’ll sleep peacefully knowing you’ll get the money you need at the start.
Bill For Exactly What You’re Worth
You’ll always charge for all the work you did and any expenses you incurred. With FreshBooks, you can easily add your tracked time and expenses to your invoices so you’ll never leave money on the table again.

Now that you know the five reasons to love Freshbooks as your invoice provider, you can try it for free. No credit card required and you can cancel anytime. But if you want to know more powerful invoicing features, find the perfect plan for your business and discover how painless accounting is with FreshBooks. See pricing for monthly plans and yearly plans here

This is definitely recommended for everyone, even if your not an accountant!

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