Monday, May 7, 2018

Hacks On Wearing Eyeglasses Everyone Should Know

Eyeglasses, sunglasses, specs or whatever you may call it, became a necessity for every person who loves a different look. Some wear it for personal satisfaction - fashion statement. Some need it for visual improvement but at the same time following the trends. Nowadays, manufacturers were thinking of launching products which will give them a lot of profit. No not just profit, instead they were thinking of each and everyone's happiness, confidence and that will compliment them while wearing unique and stunning browline glassescheap glasses frames and cute eyeglass frames.

With so many innovations and features, they were more comfortable than ever to wear to experience clear vision. They were really perfect more with sensitive eyes. However, there are challenges while wearing eyeglasses. Well, I am sharing with you some hacks so that you and your spectacles have a happy relationship. 

1. Adjust to glasses if you're a newbie - One of the best tips for wearing glasses for the first time is to use them every day until you get used to it especially if you feel irritated. The recommended way to work through it is to wear your glasses as much as possible. 

2. Clean dirty glasses rinse your glasses under lukewarm water. Then, gently clean both sides of your lenses as well as every part of your frames using your fingertip and a small drop of dishwashing liquid. Check that the soap doesn’t contain lotion or moisturizers. Thoroughly rinse your glasses again and dry them with a clean microfiber cloth. 

3. Stop slippage - If your glasses keep slipping down your nose, wrap thin, elastic hair ties around the arms (we call it Sanrio or rubber band) and slide them down so that they’re hidden behind your ears. Your glasses will stay put.

4. Find your glasses at night - In the middle of the night, when you feel like peeing or something came up like the baby is crying, finding your eyeglasses can be a pain. You already search everywhere but it's hard for you to see the case. To avoid this situation, buy a glow-in-the-dark tape or glue that you can put in your glasses case. Next time, it will be easy for you to locate your glasses.

5. Choose the perfect pair - Who doesn’t love the convenience of ordering everything possible online? You can now choose the best pair for your eyes. Zeelool will provide many choices and always devotes its efforts to perfect your vision solution, no matter the prescription glasses or the fashion glasses. Your 1st order is $3 off, just use the code NEW3.

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