Friday, May 25, 2018

How is your family staying close to home and becoming ‘local legends’this summer?

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Last school year, I decided to move on to my parent's house and enrolled my kids there. We were staying at my in-laws for six years already since we got married and maybe I was longing for my parents. I so miss them and I let my kids experience the life I have while staying in my hometown. It's not far from my in-laws, we're just in one province but one town apart. Obviously, my husband and I still don't have our own house. Still not capable of building our own house. We have a lot of expenses especially that we already have two kids. Their education is our priority.

Now that my mother-in-law is living alone because my father-in-law passed away last October 2017 and my youngest brother-in-law went to Dubai for work. She needs a companion and someone to look after her. We moved back again and now enrolled in the same school that my eldest went before.

We are living in the province. We don’t live near a good beach to spend summer vacation. We can go to many resorts but we're not into spending because we need to buy school supplies for the two kids. 
So this summer we are staying close at home...

The kids are fine with their coloring books. They have a lot of toys that make them busy all day. Sometimes I let them swim at an inflatable pool we have at home. They also make a do it yourself tent using a blanket and whatever they can use to make a cover for a tent. They love to stay in the room with their grandmother while air-condition is on, to avoid the hot feeling outside the home. It so hot in the Philippines. 

Mostly, people go to resorts to swim all day, with lots of activities like sliding, zip line, riding a boat and so much more. I miss those summer recreations. Maybe when my kids grow taller, we can do all that together but for now, they enjoy the water in the basin or in the pail and the falling water in the shower when they take a bath.

When my kids get enough of playing their toys, they will go outside and look for their friends who live nearby and they play together. They often ask me to make a popsicle because their daddy bought them a popsicle mold. Perfect for the hot weather, eating popsicle make them happy. It is super fast and easy, these homemade pops are a healthier alternative summer treat for the kids.

Summer is the annual permission slip to be lazy. To do nothing and have it count for something. To lie in the grass and count the stars. To sit on a branch and study the clouds. We do sleep so late watching movies or youtube videos or just browsing and wake up late because there's still no class.  

I let my kids practice singing during this time, they are born singers. Lol! Because their mommy loves to sing, too! We love to sing. We have a Bluetooth microphone that my husband bought in Dubai where we use to connect to youtube, searching a "karaoke songs" and we sing as if we have a videoke machine.

I let them enjoy their childhood whatever they want to do but sometimes I asked them to help me and learn to at least keep their toys, wash the dishes or sweep the floor so that they have something learned while they were growing. 

How to make memories and become "local legend" this summer?

You don't have to go for long hours of drive to the beach, riding a plane to go somewhere. There are plenty of things to do and make memories. 
1. Biking in the neighborhood.
2. Bake a food you want to eat at home.
3. Reading books at the library.
4. Gardening and planting vegetables, flowers or any plants in the backyard.
5. Learning how to fly a kite. Have the kids build their own kite.
6. Painting.
7. Ask the kids to help for the house general cleaning.
8. Join summer classes, summer camps like in Mcdonalds or Jollibee.
9. Camping.
10. Fishing in the nearby river or ponds.

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Summer has always been my favorite season. I feel happier. Nothing to think about but to play and play and play. Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy!

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