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Celebrate Special Occassions At The Vikings

This is a very late post. I should have shared it last November 2017. Already forgot the exact date. So I want to share my experience of dining in the Vikings. Also, an update that we dine again July 7, 2018.

Vikings, the largest buffet restaurant here in the Philippines. I know everyone who heard about it, wish to experience to taste all the delicious food they served with class and style. I am no exception. I was thrilled and so excited when I learned that there's this buffet who can serve you a lot of cuisines from different countries. Not all countries, but you can have a chance to at least taste some.

Last November 2017, my in-laws, my kids and I went to Pampanga for a relative visit and before we headed home, we dropped by at the SM To dine in. My brother in law who paid for the treat decided to eat at the Vikings. We arrived there at past 1:00 already. The line was already long for those without reservations. While waiting for our turn, the kids entered kids play place for 30 minutes. And still waited for about an hour to enter the luxurious buffet. It was so generous that they gave ice tea drinks to all waiting. While waiting, I observed that most of them who certainly dine there were celebrating birthdays most probably.

Since it was Halloween month, they provided a Halloween theme photo corner on the side so that you can share on social media and I think they also have a contest on Facebook at that time. 

When we entered the premises, the ambiance is really cozy and amazingly beautiful. The seats were elegant and comfortable in purple color. You will feel very social, rich and a very important person.

The Posh inspired Vikings SM Pampanga

Located at Global Fashion Wing 127-130 Sm City Pampanga, Global Fashion Wing
Mexico 2021.
Contact them here (045) 435 3888 for reservation to avoid waiting.

My Princess enjoying the cupcake.
With Mamita, the kids and soon to be sister - in- law Trizzle.

Every Vikings' branch featured a theme and will leave you standing with an overwhelming feeling. The architecture is so, so great. It seems to cost a lot of money and I fear to make a mistake. I don't have money to pay for any damages, I was just treated by my inlaws. Lol!

Photo credits to

The personnel will guide you to your respective seats. Then, you are free as a bird to try and taste everything they serve. This is it! I told myself that I will taste all of the food. I thought I have the power to do that. No, I can't. Some food serves a lot that you will already feel full. 

You have a lot of options. First, you can try the plain rice, fried rice or the flavored rice then go to different selections of viands. 

fried rice, maki, japanese okoy, roasted chicken and angus beef

Mamita's food - she loved the pork sinigang. The fresh tamarind was added to make a great taste.

Level up your basic noodles and sauce with their fresh twist on classic pasta dishes. Enjoy pasta just the way you want it! Create your own with their mouthwatering selection of popular pasta, sauces, and toppings. 
I haven't tried these big cheese here. Next time, you're going to be my first destination. Hahaha
There's always the next time. I will save for it.

There are so many sushi or sashimi and everything Korean, Japanese or Chinese dishes.
The line of colorful, flavorful drinks, ice cream, pastries, and cakes a treat for all sweet lovers.
I tried the tamarind drink. Wow! The sweet and sour taste blended together.


Cakes and Pastries

Assorted Maki
I love Maki.

When it comes to dessert, I first look for cheesecake. I got two flavors of it. Whew! It always satisfies my cravings.

Promise, these ice creams were the best. They were so creamy and so tasty.

Cupcakes designing made my kids enjoy the experience. They did not eat much rice and viands. They actually just got some fishball. hahaha 
That's what why I don't like to bring kids to the buffet, it's a waste of money if they will not eat as much as the adult does.

So yeah kids only tasted cupcakes, siomai, ice cream, and some cakes.
What I love the most was that I made my own healthy, mouth-watering salad recipe.

I asked for fresh squid to be grilled and there are so many kinds of seafood.
If you are a pizza lover, there are so many options for you to taste crunchy, savor such as Italian pizza.
The variations of dessert will make you wanna come back.
Make your own soup with fresh ingredients called shabu-shabu.

So for the update, we dined again July 7, 2018, for lunch. My Queen requested to go out. She wants to see what's inside Jumbo Jenra in Pampanga. When we got there, it was just a supermarket, with some stalls inside like Dunkin donut, western union, clothes, a small play place for kids and some things to sell. So we can't roam around and spent a lot of time there. We decided to go to SM Pampanga and eat there. The kids went on their own then headed first and insist to eat at the Vikings. 

Princess, Queen and Mommy Mitch
It's very seldom that we can go out. We have a lot of expenses now that our kids were both studying. It was a blessing that we can experience this luxury buffet.

Vikings were always blockbuster. It was flooded with people eager, hungry and avid fan of buffets.

Thanks to my loving and supportive mother-in-law for always treating us. One day, it'll be my turn.

Meet my kids, they only ate one to two viands. The Queen just got fried rice and shrimp. The Princess also had the fried rice, dumpling and she loved the Japanese tonkatsu because of its crunchy breaded pork. But actually, the first one she took was marshmallows with a strawberry dip in the fountain.

Siomai, dumpling, siopao

I asked wanton mami for Queen but they did not taste it. So I was the one who ate it. So far, so good. I love the taste compared to chowking. The toasted garlic makes it more delish.

If you love fresh fruits, you have a lot of choices. It was just yesterday my first time to eat honeydew. So it was a good first. You will get a lot of firsts here in Vikings.
You may not be in a certain country but at least occasionally, you can taste the Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian and more food that you can imagine. But of course, Filipino food is always present.

Check out the rates here:

Promo is also available, especially for birthday celebrants. What makes me excited to celebrate my birthday here in the future was that they will sing you a happy birthday with props like a happy birthday signboard and the Viking's hat plus a slice of cake with a candle in a plate with another Happy Birthday greeting.

To know more of other promos go here
They can accommodate big groups reservations and avail of their promo.

Final thought:
Surely, you can't eat all of the food but you will definitely enjoy everything. Super worth it. Worth the time, worth the effort and worth the money you pay them.

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