Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Where to Find Top Qualified Tutors

The success of tutoring depends a lot on the tutor. Of course, the kid himself is important. However, a good tutor can explain things in a way your children would understand so they can improve their grade next time. Not only that, a good tutor will also help your children not to hate study, and instead make it more interesting when they’re bored. This will encourage your children to have good studying habit, which may last well into their lifetime.
However, take a note that not all tutor do this. Only the qualified and passionate ones. The question is, where can you get a tutor of such character to teach your children this long-term life skill of learning? 

Finding a tutor is easy. You can just take your smartphone and search for tutoring service available in your area. With the increase in demand for a tutor, the number of supply increases as well. Sometimes you can even stumble to a pamphlet glue to the wall of a building, offering tutoring service, along with contact number.
But, where can you find the qualified ones? Don’t worry, below are six places where you can find a highly qualified tutor for your children. 

Take a walk on the university campus
If you’re lucky enough to live near a good campus, then take advantage of this opportunity. College students are usually qualified enough to teach younger children, especially if they come from the Faculty of Education. Not to mention, they are usually eager to tutor to get additional income. That’s why many of them could post pamphlet advertising their service around campus.
As for the benefit of having a college student as a tutor, their rate is usually cheaper than professional tutor or teacher. You may get worried if they’re really qualified or not, so you need to be careful in choosing the university as well. Pick only students from the good quality university.  

Check local newspaper
If there’s no university conveniently available for you, don’t worry. There is one thing that you can get easily: a local newspaper. Here, you can find locals offering their service for many things, including those that offer a tutoring service. Don’t think to check only the printed version. If your local newspaper has an online website, visit it as well. 

Screen your friends and families
Sometimes, the answer to our problem is closer than we think. In this case, the best tutor you need could come from your family, relative, or friends. Try to remember if there is someone who works as a teacher or tutor, or has a similar qualification. A strong candidate usually will pop up immediately. However, if you can’t think any, try to make a list and highlight those who qualified.
The benefit of hiring someone close to you is that you already understand the character of this person, therefore you can be more assured that you won’t hire a wrong person. Just remember to be strict on the qualification. Don’t hire if they aren’t qualified, just because you’re close to them.

Ask your friends and families
If you can’t think of anyone within your family and friend circles, don’t throw away that list yet. Use it to remember if any of them have children who get tutored as well. Ask them how they got that tutor, how is that tutor doing so far, and whether they recommend them. Don’t forget to ask whether they have available time for another child.
The advantage for hiring tutor this way is that you don’t have to worry about quality, ability, and experience. Someone you trust has vouched for this tutor anyway. However, remember that you should still see the connection between that tutor and your children to make the tutoring effective.

Go to a tutoring center
If the tutoring center is available, you can visit them and ask. Some tutoring centers also offer private tutoring service. Good tutoring center probably will even schedule you a consultation session so you can discuss what your child really needs to improve and which tutor will help him the most. 
The best thing about getting the private tutor from tutoring center is that you can find a pool of them, and they are already screened and hand-picked by the center, so you don’t have to doubt about their quality and credential.

The best way to find a tutor is, of course, online. There are countless individuals offering their tutoring service there – from college students with minimal experience to someone with 20-years experience. You can find them in tutor-finder website. These tutors usually post their profile and resume there, so you don’t have to doubt whether they are a real person or not.

You will get a very large selection of tutors. But, don’t worry, because you can filter the tutor you need based on the subject or lesson, your child’s current grade, and location so you can save time screening and be selecting them.
Of course, the disadvantage of finding the tutor online is that you can’t meet them face-to-face. Some parents are picky about certain things, like how a candidate acts around children. The candidates can’t meet your children yet. But, don’t worry. Make sure to pick candidates that agree for you to book a single session. After this session, you can decide yourself if you want to continue hiring this person or not.

The conclusion is, finding a tutor is not hard. Finding the qualified one is. Even if you manage to find one, there’s no guarantee that if they click with your child or not. Because of this, personally, I’ll recommend you to find a tutor online. You can save time finding and screening the tutor you need, and later the only thing left to do is checking if this person is actually good with your child or not.
Have you ever hire a tutor for your child before? If so, where and how did you met him and why did you decide to hire him? Did you make a good decision? Share everything about finding highly qualified tutor here.

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