Saturday, July 13, 2019

Youtube Channel + Giveaway!

Hi everyone! I started to post videos again to my Youtube Channel where you can watch our daily vlogs, food vlogs and anything interesting. I wanted to ask for help to support my vlog. Rest assured that time will come, I can repay you with all of your support.

In my vlogs, you could watch some of our routine activities and special occasions. Most of the time, I do all the mommy duties that I am sure some of you can relate. We are not a perfect family, we do have a lot of mistakes, funny moments, etc. and you will see it in our videos. I can say that youtube can be our place to store or keep our memories most especially our kids' journey as they grow up. It just a bonus that as I reach 1000 subscriber in my channel, I am able to monetize our videos.
I hope you could help me and my family. This is for the future of our kids.

So to thank you in advance for the unconditional love and support for this blog and my vlog, I will give away 300 pesos load. Sorry guys, this is what I can give for now but time will come, will give you much bigger prizes.

I posted the giveaway on my facebook page where I also shared our videos, follow it too if you like and wanted to be updated. Two winners will win.

1st prize - 200 pesos load (any network)
2nd prize - 100 pesos load (any network)

Here's the mechanics:
1. Watch any of my videos until the end. or at least 5mins.
2. Like the video you watched. 
3. Share the video. 
4. Comment about the video. 
5. Then Subscribe to my youtube channel
6. Comment here if you're DONE, use hashtag #michellelalicgiveaway 

I will raffle all who commented here and in my facebook page.
Thank you all guys!

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