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All-Natural Korean Skincare brand “So Natural” Launched in the Philippines

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The beauty industry is thriving this year, most especially in the Philippines. With so many beauty brands coming into the market this year, more and more consumers want something natural and effective. Customers are more specific on what they want and are more knowledgeable about how to maintain their skin. With that, Korean Beauty, more widely known as K-Beauty is very popular in the Philippines as it focuses more on a healthier skin regimen using only ingredients derived from nature. 

And this is why the natural Korean skincare brand “So Natural” is launching in the Philippines. So Natural was founded in 2007, a beauty company that sells its products exclusively online. So Natural focuses on intensive research and product development as well as providing great and effective products for their customers. 

So Natural believes in strengthening the natural properties of our skin, inspired by nature and formulated carefully. So Natural believes in the philosophy of healthy, beautiful skin is best achieved through using products that is gentle to our skin. 

So Natural features 4 beauty lines that everyone should look out for.

● So’natural – Highly functional, dermatological based line
● the pure – The purest line in naturalism
● powder 4 room – creative and unique make-up line

As So Natural launches in the Philippines, here are the best-selling products that are definitely recommended for you. 

Out with the toxins and in with the baby smooth skin finish. Create a fresh and youthful skin with this mud mask. Take out sebum, dirt, and toxins in one go. It includes activated volcanic ash and a blend of plant extracts. It detoxifies and cleanses the skin as well as providing hydration and a nutrient boost for clear and radiant skin. 

It is the highest level of Centella Asiatica 1% that effectively soothes and calms the skin. It also help rejuvenate wounded skin and also serves as a powerful micro-thin defense membrane on the skin surface to protect it from external stressors and diminish scars. 

Stop pricking and start swiping away those blackheads with the All Kill Blackhead Nose Stick. It contains charcoal powder and yellow cleansing grains containing silica and vitamins that reduce blackheads and whitehead while making your skin smooth and clear. 

Stay fresh all day with smooth and smear-free make-up with the All Day Tight Makeup Setting Fixer. It helps makeup stay put on skin and has perfect coverage using a fine mist. It’s also enriched with lemon, tea tree, centella asiatica extract that will help make your makeup look more refreshing and hydrated. 

With these exciting products coming into the Philippines this year, Filipino customers can get to experience the difference of switching to all natural products and the best of Korean Beauty all in one site. All of these best-selling products and a huge range of So Natural products and more can be found on the official website of Seoul Unni ( It houses some of the biggest natural skincare brands including So Natural in its website. 

Follow Seoul Unni on the following social media sites for more information and details about So Natural Products. 

Instagram: @seoulunni_official
Facebook: Seoulunni Philippines

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iPhone 7 Plus/7/6 Plus/6/5/5s/5c Case

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This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

If you love pretty and unique designs of the iPhone case, you can get it at Casetify.  They offer designs that you will surely love. Here are some of them, just click on the photos for you to get directed where you can buy your chosen case.

Blooming Gown
Real Cute, Real Tough. Our shockproof, dual-layer protection Classic Grip iPhone 6 Case safeguards your phone from any accidental drops and bumps. The soft-touch frame provides a smooth and sturdy grip, while the transparent, glossy backplate allows a scratch-free profile for your iPhone 6. Available in Clear, Jet Black and Rose Pink.

Junk Food Universe

Time to shake things up! Made with non-toxic materials and passed all safety tests, you can count on our glitter iPhone 6 case to be real cute and real protective. Make it exclusively yours - personalize any glitter iPhone 6 case with your name or initials. Warning: If glitter case cracks or leaks fluid, remove glitter case and discontinue use immediately. Contact with liquids may damage smartphones. Prolonged exposure to fluid may cause allergic dermatitis in some individuals. Use at your own risk. Not intended for use by children 14 years of age or younger.

Zoomer & Zorbit 



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