Saturday, December 7, 2019

3 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

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Your big day is just around the corner. The wedding dress is sealed in its plastic bag. The rings are polished to a shimmering shine. The band’s setlist is finalized and the caterer’s menu has been checked and double-checked. Still, you can’t help but feel like you’re forgetting something.

Oh no, you forgot to hire find a videographer for hire!

Hmmm, well… maybe you don’t even need one. Do you?

Who are you kidding? Of course you need one! You just need to be reminded of why.

Memories in Motion

Still photos are great, but they can’t move or speak or sing or laugh or cry. By all means, hire a photographer to take posed and candid photos. But get a videographer too; the two complement each other wonderfully. With video, you won’t have to worry about scenes looking stiff and unnatural, nor will you risk missing out on the smaller memories hidden between the big ones: the teardrop your mother dabbed from her eye so it wouldn’t ruin her makeup or those teeny tiny steps the flower girl took as she walked down the aisle. More importantly, without video how will you ever be able to relive the best man’s toast, your inebriated father-in-law’s questionable dance moves, or your spouse’s heartwarming’ vows?

Subtlety and Style

If you’re picturing a situation where some nosy cameraman is following you around all night with a boom mic and a bright light giving you point-blank sunburn, think again. It’s not the ‘80s anymore. Today’s videographer knows how to be a fly on the wall. With smaller-than-ever digital cameras, powerful mini microphones, and lenses that can pick up light in even the darkest settings, neither you nor your guests are likely to even notice you’re being filmed. All the better to capture your loved ones in their natural state. What’s more, most videographers work in groups of two or more, ensuring that your most important moments are immortalized from every angle.

Versatility of Vision

Where photography is limited in what and how it can depict your most cherished memories, with video, the possibilities are endless. Want a full-fledged two-hour documentary about your big day? A videographer can do that. Prefer to have a bunch of smaller, shorter clips that you can watch and share with ease? A videographer can do that too. Go traditional or get creative: turn your wedding into a music video or a movie trailer. Request a filter to make your reception footage look like vintage film, or use slow-motion replays to see the bouquet toss in all its chaotic glory. Videographers have a multitude of tools at their disposal and the knowledge of how best to use them, so don’t be afraid to ask for anything, no matter how unconventional it may seem. A good videographer knows how to make it work.

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