Sunday, January 5, 2020

2020 Goals like save time on grocery shopping with Instacart

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Happy 2020 everyone! I love new beginnings. I am looking forward to what's ahead of us. I am listing some goals which I wish to achieve this year. I have been a stay at home for 8 years since 2012. Well, I haven't achieved anything but as a full-time mom. I love goal setting, so I am full of hope that this year I won't stumble.

Aaaah, anyway, I took a part of my time to study bookkeeping and I finished it for two months. I gained friends and I learned a lot. I hope that I can use it this year. 

So I wanna share with you some of the goals:

1. Homebased Job - I wish to be hired part-time or full-time as an accounting or bookkeeper. Why home-based? Workers who perform their responsibilities and task at home can be flexible and no need to wear a uniform or business attire. You can wear anything even if you're still in your pajamas. You may also watch over your kids while doing home-based jobs. Earn dollars as much as you can. Be a virtual assistant, online tutor, customer service representative, bookkeeper/accountant, social media manager, blogger etc. As long as you have the skills, sell your self to the best clients.

2. Work Abroad -  If ever I am not really meant to be a home-based worker, my other option is to go abroad and help my husband to earn a decent income. We were planning to save money to start building our own house. It's time to be independent and be ready for our children's future.

3. Save time on Grocery Shopping - Most of the time, going to the market or supermarket to buy the things we need or food to eat became a hassle. Traffic, pollution and a long line of customers. Trying to avoid all of these and do shopping online that will be delivered on our doorstep. Almost anything can be purchased online today. That makes life easier. Try visiting  Instacart where you can find 1000's of products, same-day delivery, they make deliveries in cities like Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Chicago, Austin, Washington D.C, Houston, Atlanta and many more. Save time and money by finding exclusive deals on popular products — delivered to your front door! You have now all the time to focus on your New Year's Resolution because shopping is much easier.

4. Be a Youtube Partner - As you can see in my previous post, I have food vlogs and a general vlog. So you can watch all my videos here and my food vlogs here, bear with me as I am not a professional when it comes to editing videos but I am doing my best to share with you some inspiring and worth watching content. And also I am not a chef, I am just sharing what I can cook. You are all free to comment on your opinions and beliefs. If you like my videos, please do like, share and subscribe to my channels. Thank you so much!

That's my goal for this year. Seems easy but actually so hard to achieve except number 3.  Just always pray, work hard, stay strong, focus and be healthy. You may think that your life is nothing, or nothing is happening because you are just at home, but actually, you are being strong day by day, believing that you can fulfill all your goals in life. As they say, live life to the fullest. Thank you 2019, welcome 2020! 

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