Friday, April 17, 2020

Spend Time Wisely While At Home - Learning Never Stops at OneClass

The past few months, the whole world is suffering from Covid-19. An infectious disease caused by newly discovered coronavirus. A lot of people are affected, some got sick, some recovered, some people died and the rest on lockdown - a state of isolation or restricted access instituted as a security measure so that the virus won't spread. An enhanced community quarantine was imposed. Stay home and stay safe. 

During this time, a lot of businesses were closed except for the food businesses, groceries, pharmacies, banks and remittance centers. Even schools were forced to close. Graduation rites were postponed. So students have been stuck at home and wondering what to do.

When it comes to studying, you have a lot of time now that you are at home. If you are bored, studying is one of the best way to spend time wisely. They said that Education is the true path to success. I agree. One way of studying is to read books or watching videos about the subjects in your grade. Or you can learn with the help of a tutor.

Lucky for the 150 million college students in the world, OneClass exists for you. With an extensive library of exam study guides, lecture notes and video tutorials created by top students, you can quickly find what you need when you need it. There’s a reason why 90% of all students who use OneClass get better grades.

They are here to support all students who want to continue to learn. Their tutors will be here teaching LIVE, for high school, college, and university math and chemistry, 7 days a week. Together, let’s stay on top of your studies. 

They offer free tutoring program with Janine the Tutor and live streaming! You may visit OneClass if you want to avail the free tutoring program. Keep your children learning so they can achieve their goals.

One more thing is that OneClass is a site which lets you get paid to help with homework, do homework online, share college class notes. Be a note taker. Taking great quality notes for your courses and uploading them after class. You will get paid when you go to class and improve your grades. 

Why Join Them?
  • Receive $470 for every class you attend
  • A reference letter you can include with your resume
  • Opportunities open to auditing students
  • Serve your school community with Pride!
  • Boost your own GPA!
Wow! You will be a big help to everyone with learning needs while at the same time learning, earning extra money and improving yourself. 

Always remember, Education is really important that it gives us a knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. Keep learning guys. Learning is fun.

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