Friday, March 5, 2021


Are you taking care of yourself? We don't have a lot of time for ourselves and we often forget to look after ourselves properly. It seems like our lives are filled with things to do. We all have busy, busy lives today in the modern world, and when we're at home we rarely seem to relax.

This thought of taking care of yourself may seem over the top, perhaps even selfish, or something you will get to when you get time. It may even sound cliche. But remember to always love yourself. I love this quote: "If you don't love yourself, nobody will. Not only that, you won't be good at loving anyone else. Loving starts with the self.”

Hindi na tayo bumabata kaya dapat maging maalaga sa sarili. Lalo sa panahon ngayon na lahat ng tao'y kailangan mag-ingat sa Covid-19.

Aside from always wearing a facemask, face shield, washing your hands as much as possible and applying alcohol whenever, wherever you are, you may consider taking @lolaremediosph with you.

Lola Remedios is a food supplement syrup and ready to drink. It has all-natural ingredients such as mint, honey, ginger, clove, and fennel. You can drink 1-3 sachets a day.

Very handy and easy to open. Drink eat anytime and anywhere you are.
Yung feeling mo na ang bigat ng pakiramdam mo, pero wala ka namang sakit, baka LAMIG lang iyan! In Filipino “lamig” means coolness or cold. It is called a lamig because the hilots or traditional barefoot healers claim that this hard muscle is the result of being exposed to cold weather or a sudden loss of heat in the muscle, resulting in a loss of circulation or spasm like change in the muscle.
Nung natikman ko siya, para lang akong kumakain ng mentos candy pero lusaw. Malamig ang hagod sa lalamunan at katawan na parang nawala agad ang bigat na pakiramdam.
Kaya ngayon, anytime na sumakit ang lalamunan ko, feeling may sipon, ubo o lalagnatin, magtake na ako ng lola remedios dahil #lolacares may solution agad!👏😘
Available sa mga drugstores near you. Bili na guys, P10 lang ang isa, makakabili ka sa kahit saang drugstores. #lolaremedios

Mag-ingat po tayo lagi. God bless us all!

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