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BELLAVITA celebrating its 10th year with an in10se!

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BellaVita Land, serving the socialized housing needs of fellow Filipinos, is celebrating its 10th year with an in10se  (read as intense) look at the company’s milestones through the years.




Established in 2011, BellaVita means beautiful life. And that is what the company offers its people - from the employees, outsourced business partners, brokers and agents, suppliers and of course, our homeowners nationwide.

It all began with a team that set up the very first BellaVita project located in General Trias, Cavite. This maiden project has 12 hectares, 1, 205 lots and 4.5 hectares open space, including roads and utility areas.

From Gen. Trias, BellaVita’s land bank grew to 17 locations all across Luzon, Eastern Visayas and Mindanao.



We are founded on 5 Sakto Sa ‘Yo Pillars that ensure BellaVita homes are suitable for you.


All projects are located near terminals and are accessible by various modes of public transportation.


Bella Vita housing units Poli Inner, Poli End and Gemelli and are priced to be easy on the pocket - from P450,000 to P1.2 million per unit.  Indeed, BellaVita has made it possible to own a new home for even less than a million pesos. Flexible and convenient payment terms are available to ensure ease in purchasing your new home.


Following the Ayala Property Management standards, all BellaVita units use quality materials and come with a 1-year workmanship warranty.  The neighborhood is gated for safety and exclusivity and is manned by security personnel on 24-hour duty.


Poli Inner, Poli End and Gemelli house units have a contemporary design that doesn’t go out of style. Each model passes form and function, making movement in your home easy and convenient.  Clustered neighborhood with enough open spaces allows you to be part of a friendly community.  Amenities are made available for you and your family to enjoy, such as:

·         Clubhouse

·         Basketball Court

·         Play Equipment

·         Guard house and gate

·         Common Parking Spaces

·         Landscaped open spaces



Surely, you’d want to live in BellaVita’s clean, peaceful and orderly environment.  Its well-planned community offers a balance of privacy even in the nearby open spaces yet allows you to build friendships with neighbors.  Your BellaVita home is the sweet fruit of all your labor.  It’s everything you need and want in a home.  That’s why we say, “Sakto Sa ‘yo!”


BellaVita believes in giving back, especially to those who are in need the most. Through the years, BellaVita has done outreach programs to help support different sectors of society, such as:

·         Aeta Community

·         Hero Foundation  - scholars

·         Galing BellaVita Awards for Outstanding Students in Academics, Sports and Arts

·         Cooking & Crafting

·         Diwa Ng Pasko – celebration for workers such as security guards, jeepney drivers, soldiers and nurses

·         Alagang Ayala Land Program –  We take part in providing livelihood assistance to local communities and small businesses affected by the health crisis by making venues available for them to sell their wares at the Ayala Malls.

·         Employees themselves donated funds to those directly affected by Covid-19.



We care for the environment by tree planting and plastic recycling. A Materials Recovery Facility has been set up to process wastes into a feedstock for biological conversion or into a fuel source for the production of energy. The MRF process also helps to provide quality recyclables that manufacturers need to make certain products and goods.



Celebrating its 10th anniversary has ushered a variety of activities to keep BellaVita sellers, residents, as well as employees, engaged and proud to be part of this growing family.  BellaVita talents unleashed with the songwriting competition, Awit ng Dekada, tagline contest Slogan-lingan, the painting contest, Sining Ni Bella and the BigaTEN Olympics for the sports enthusiasts. The Magic Quest: BellaVita Halloween Nationwide Online Open House was participated in both by sellers and residents.

BellaVita has intensified its online presence with the weekly Bibo Sa Bella raffle and Good Morning, Bella from Mondays through Fridays on Facebook Live.  A new partnership with online giant store Shopee is underway.  Buyers get the chance to win a new house, or score discounts you can’t get anywhere else.

We’ve come a long way since the first battle cry – Bahay Saya, Buhay Sagana. Lockdowns and quarantines have not prevented BellaVita from enhancing land and enriching lives of the Filipino people.

Compassion in any form of support has been part of the BellaVita mission and values.  All these efforts spur us towards our vision of being the dominant community developer for socialized housing.

“Through BellaVita, we have committed ourselves to enrich the lives of Filipino people. We provide affordable and quality homes to first-time homeowners and to those who need housing the most.”, says Ms. Mayi Rodriguez, COO of BellaVita.

To our business partners and everyone who supports BellaVita, follow us on social media and watch out for surprises as we count down to our IN10SIFIED anniversary celebration!

For more details about BellaVita, please visit our Facebook page (


Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Sigurista Parent Approved: Sulit Must-Haves For Your Newborn

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Being a new parent is such an exciting time. Whether it’s your first baby, or your second or third, every newborn makes any parent feel like they are entering a new chapter in their lives. But with the excitement of this chapter comes worries and fears about making sure you are giving your baby everything he or she needs. Sigurista Parents like you can’t help but want only the best for your baby!

 To help you get started, here are some of the items you need to invest in and stock up on as soon as possible. It will help make your baby’s first few months some of the best months of his or her life!

Drink up

One of the first decisions every parent has to make is how they will feed their baby. There is extensive research on the benefits of breastfeeding, so if you are going this route, it’s best you stock up on breast pumps, nursing pads, and nipple cream. If you’re going the bottle-feeding path, stock up on quality bottles and bottle brushes. There are also a bunch of sterilizers that you can look into to make the cleaning process easier for you!

Bath time is a fun time

For first-time parents, giving their tiny babies a bath can be daunting. To ease your fears, make sure you get shampoo and soap that are gentle on the baby’s skin, as well as soft towels to dry them off with. Invest in a bath seat or infant tub to lessen the chances of accidents in the bathroom.

Sweet dreams all night

Sleep training is becoming more popular among this generation of new parents. Not only will your baby have better sleep quality, so will you! Check out crib sheets and mattresses first, then extend your research to swaddles and hush machines. Soon you and your baby will wake up energized every morning!


Rash protection like no other


A baby’s diaper is one of the most important items in a parent’s must-have list. A Sigurista Parent knows that a good diaper will help keep the baby more comfortable and prevent unwanted rashes. That’s why it’s important for Sigurista Parents like you to invest in the best.


Pampers Baby Dry for Newborn has a 2-in-1 Rash Shield that helps prevent diaper rash that comes long periods of kulob and babad. Pampers Baby Dry for Newborn the best diaper choice if you’re looking for superior protection from rashes for your newborn’s skin.


As a new mom, Sigurista Parent Camille Co shares how her adorable little girl is growing up so quickly and how choosing Pampers Baby Dry for Newborn has helped her savor every moment with her baby. “Sienna bug is growing up too fast! 😭 She’s already learning how to sit! Soon, she’ll be crawling. Someone press pause, please. Before we know it, we won’t be playing like this anymore and I’ll probably be chasing her all over the house. Imagine having to chase her countless times for diaper changes too? 😂 Good thing with @pampersph Baby Dry For Newborn’s 2-in-1 Rash Shield, we can do fewer diaper changes and not worry about rashes brought about by kulob and wetness.”



Mommy Fidelis on the other hand puts her baby’s comfort as top priority and Pampers Baby Dry for Newborn helps her provide this. She shares, “Playtime and bedtime are very important to growing babies like Francine. And ayokong naabala yun just because I need to change her diaper frequently. Kaya naman simula umpisa pa lang, Pampers Baby Dry na ang gamit nya that protects her all day from kulob and wetness. And most importantly, it has a #SiguristaShield kaya iwas rashes! Comfy night and day!”



You got this Sigurista Parent!


At the end of the day, you are the best person to judge what’s best for your baby. Don’t panic too much. Trust your parental instincts. Let your love and care for your baby guide your way. Start with the essentials and trust only the best-reviewed products with proven benefits.  


When you’ve invested in only quality products like Pampers Baby Dry for Newborn, you can rest assured that your baby is well taken care of. Camille reiterates, “#ChoosePampers and trust in its #SiguristaShield for more bonding moments and less stress.”


Add this Sigurista Parent essential to your cart today. Pampers Baby Dry for Newborn is available in the P&G Official online shops on Lazada and Shopee

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PH’s 1st Stevia grower-manufacturer launches No Sugar iced tea mixes

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GIDC, The Stevia Company, and maker of Glorious products, is bringing no sugar iced tea mixes in major supermarkets and groceries! Consumers who cuts on sugar in their diet can now enjoy low calorie, no sugar iced tea mixes that are sweetened by natural alternatives. 

Glorious Blend Lemon Iced Tea, Red Tea and Cucumber Lemonade that are sweetened iced tea mixes without sugar are especially produced for people who are cutting and avoiding food and drinks with too much sugar.

Glorious Blend iced tea mixes are naturally sweetened with stevia. The mixes are made from premium ingredients that include mixed berries, real black tea leaves, lemon, and real cucumber. It is low in calorie and loaded with vitamin C.

“Stevia has been regarded as a safe and healthy sugar substitute. It can sweeten foods, and it has several health benefits, including decreased calorie intake, lower blood sugar levels, and less risk of cavities,” said Maura De Leon, the woman behind GIDC, the country’s first FDA registered stevia grower and manufacturer. 

Before, stevia was restricted to the health food market without any FDA approval. However, it is now widely used as a natural substitute for artificial sweeteners in many products. 

While it has zero calories, stevia is 200 times sweeter than refined sugar and does not affect blood sugar. It is a popular option for people looking to lose weight but who want to reduce their sugar intake. 

Stevia is an herb that has been grown in tropical climates for centuries. It is a small bushy plant that belongs to the sunflower family and grows in Paraguay and Brazil, but it can be quickly grown elsewhere. For centuries, the people of Paraguay add them to their foods as sweeteners, and countries like Korea, Brazil, China, Japan, and South America, have long used stevia.

Stevia is now being widely used as a natural sweetener in various food preparations.

People who have diabetes can benefit from stevia. Choosing pure stevia extract can help maintain normal blood sugar levels and should be used in moderation. Stevia can also help cut down added sugar consumption, which can be beneficial for children. High sugar intake in children could lead to heart disease due to reconstructing triglyceride and cholesterol levels, contributing to children's weight gain. Substituting added sugar for stevia can minimize these risks. At the same time, moderate consumption of foods with stevia and other sweeteners can prevent adverse side effects and promote overall health.

Stevia products such as iced tea mixes, healthy coffees and chocolate beverages manufactured by Glorious, are approved safe by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) for pregnant women or people who have diabetes. 

Incidentally, all Glorious Blend beverages -- from the 3in1 coffee, 4in1 Malunggay mix, 5in1 Brown Rice Coffee, 7-in-1 Mangosteen-Malunggay Coffee, 7in1Native Cacao Choco and Maxitrim with L-Carnitine, use Stevia which has no calories, no carbohydrates, and zero glycemic index. All of their instant drinks will keep you alert and energized throughout the day. 

For more information about Glorious products, log on to

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