Friday, February 25, 2022

The best gift to yourself is to love your body

Nobody is perfect. Not all women possessed a flawless body. I am no exception. As a mom and a woman, my body became horrible after giving birth to my two beautiful girls. I got a lot of stretchmarks, saggy, loose skin and excessive abdominal fat around the stomach and abdomen.

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It's ok. We moms should accept that and be grateful that we're able to bear a child and give them a good life. 

There is nothing new about a woman's desire to re-shape her body into something more desirable in her eyes and specially to their man's eyes or other people. But actually, you don't need to think about other people's opinion. Your body, your rules. 

If you would love to do something about your body, there are shapewear, body trainer, sportswear and for plus size that can help make women look and feel confident in their own skin and body. You may try wholesale shapewear from Waistdear site that offers comfortable styles for anytime and anywhere you are. 

Whether you call them women's body girdles, corsets, or foundation garments - body shapers for women have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. These products have a
djustable shoulder straps offer comfort and flexibility; open crotch design makes it convenient to use the restroom; and chest fabric is stretchy enough to fit a wide variety of chest sizes.

If you are training for body workout whether you're a plus size or an athlete with a goal in mind you may use wholesale waist trainers with logo. It has neoprene fabric, comfortable to wear during work out; zipper front closure and an adjustable waistband for comfortable; embossed pattern design, contoured and naturally flexible to fit comfortably around your waist; ten steel bones, 3-layer elastic belt on the outside design, promotes strong waist shaping; and the small 9 hooks design prevents the zipper from sliding and enhances the binding force of the zipper closure.
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Shapers are ideal for women who want to add curves, shape and definition to places where they normally have none. This may mean flattening your tummy, shaving inches off your waist line or lifting your butt. Most body shapers do all of the above. By doing the above-mentioned, your body will naturally look slimmer as well.

Insecurity, fear, anger, frustration, discontent, helplessness!
We experience many of these feelings when it comes to our bodies. There is always something that we do not like about ourselves. 

The best gift to yourself is to love your body! If you want something, do something about it.

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